Blue WhatsApp for IOS, WhatsApp for Iphone Users without any Jailbreak

Our users demand the Blue WhatsApp APK for iOS. As you know, this app’s overall number of users is 3 billion, so our developer developed the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone users without jailbreak. It is free for iPhone users and has free support for users. Update the new WhatsApp for iPhone 15. As you know, this iOS version takes 90 spaces to run on any iOS device. If you love to use mod apps, use the apkzippy site.

Blue WhatsApp for IOS

Due to the popularity of WhatsApp and user experience, our users demand that we tell them about everything related to WhatsApp for iOS. Here, we will tell you about the latest version for iPhone users. Features developed in this version Include themes and security systems like the iOS security system.

WhatsApp for Iphone User

Easy to download and install on iOS devices. For the installation, there is no required jailbreak. More latest and official features are also included in this WhatsApp for iOS devices. Also, include modified features in it. Blue WhatsApp is a third-party app modified according to consumers’ demands. Developers developed this app so that users could work easily. As you know, on the iPhone, there is no 2nd number app for chatting. This app helps with chatting.

Spotify mod APK and Blue WhatsApp are popular modified applications catering to users seeking enhanced functionalities beyond what the official versions offer. The Spotify mod APK provides premium features like ad-free listening. It also offers unlimited skips and high-quality audio streaming without a subscription fee. This makes it a go-to choice for music enthusiasts who want a premium experience without the cost. Similarly, Blue WhatsApp offers additional features. These include custom themes and enhanced privacy settings. It also includes increased file-sharing limits that are unavailable in the standard WhatsApp version. Both apps underscore the growing trend of users turning to modified applications. They bypass restrictions. They personalize their digital experiences. This reflects a broader desire for greater control and customization in their tech interactions.

Blue WhatsApp for Iphone,IOS info

Here, we discuss some app information from whatsapp for iOS and iphone.

  • The downloadable size is 114 MB.
  •  The latest update of this app is 31 March 2024.
  •  This app is free for the user; you need no pay to use it.
  •  It is compatible with all versions of IOS.

App info

App NameBlue WhatsApp IOS/WhatsApp blue
Version 10.00
File APK

Updated features of IOS version

  • Hide online status from the other.
  •  Hide last seen from the other.
  •  Can turn off the second tick on chat.
  •  Also, you can Customise WhatsApp interfaces.
  •  You can also show your full picture on the dp of WhatsApp.
  •  You can send 10+ media files on the ios version.
  •  Send long voice message with a click.
  •  As the latest feature launched for ios, you can lock your WhatsApp with Apple ID.
  •  You can send music from your iPhone directory.
  •   100 MB files will also be sent. 
  •  Font style on the basic of iOS WhatsApp.
  •   you can do color customization of text.

How to Install Blue WhatsApp for IOS

You need to do some steps.

  • First of all, you should uninstall official WhatsApp messenger from your iOS device.
  • After uninstalling the official whatsapp, download the IPA file from the browser to your computer. You can download it by giving the link here.
  • After that, you should download the Cydia impactor from the given link.
  • Connect your iOS device by the data transfer cable to the computer and open the Cydia impactor.
  • Now drag the IPA file into the Cydia impactor.
  • After this process, Cydia influencer asks you for your Apple ID and password. If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can use an alternative password and Apple ID.
  • After installing the application, go to the settings, select the general, and then select the profiles. 
  • After selecting the profile, open it with your Apple ID.
  • Now, you should press the button of trust on developers, and after that, you can enjoy the app.


Some of the most frequent questions are asked through SMS and email from our developers.

Is the blue WhatsApp available for iOS?

Blue Whatsapp is unavailable in the iOS app store because it is a third-party app. Cydia Impactor offers your iPhone’s most original version of WhatsApp Plus.

Does the blue WhatsApp work on iOS devices?

Yes, blue WhatsApp can also work on all iOS devices. It is easily available and easy to install for all iOS devices without jailbreak through the Cydia app. 

Is the use of blue WhatsApp safe for iOS?

Yes, the use of blue WhatsApp for iOS devices is safe. All you know is that all iOS devices are very secure and can protect user privacy. So, our developers have developed a safe and secure device for iOS, like the security of iOS. You can use it as a safe WhatsApp.


Here, we have told you all about using blue WhatsApp on iOS. Also, we tell you about all the features and uses.So now I tell you about this app you can download and install on your iOS.

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