How to use Blue WhatsApp without getting banned?

Blue WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp in which we provide additional features that are different from the original WhatsApp. You can use it easily. Features of this app made it a modified version. However, this article explains how you can use blue WhatsApp without getting banned.

Download latest version

You should update the latest version of Blue WhatsApp to update the new features and fix some bugs. You can also download it from a trusted website like to use it without getting banned. Blue Whatsapp offers some additional features that are not available in official WhatsApp.

Continue  Updating 

To use blue WhatsApp, you must update it continuously immediately after the new update. In the latest update, the developer of Blue WhatsApp fixed the problems and updated the loopholes. I have been using blue WhatsApp for the last 2 years without getting banned. If you want to use it safely, you should update it regularly.
Here are some points you should keep in mind when using blue WhatsApp.Avoid the bulk messages sent in the groups, and don’t use additional plugins that violate WhatsApp policies. Don’t share your OTP with other users if you want to use blue WhatsApp safely. This is a way to use blue WhatsApp without getting banned.

Blue WhatsApp for bulk or automated messaging

You can send bulk messages or auto-massage using the blue WhatsApp apk, but the question is how to escape getting banned on WhatsApp. Now, the answer is you have reached the right place. In this, you will learn all the methods for bulk messaging in blue WhatsApp without getting banned. You can not send bulk messages in the official WhatsApp because it violates WhatsApp. If you want to send bulk messages, you can use WhatsApp mod blue WhatsApp apk and reply to over 100 users at a time.

Avoid massaging spamming 

Even if you use a legal and safe bulk massing method, don’t spam to send messages to avoid getting banned in the Blue WhatsApp apk. If you want more information about blue WhatsApp, comment below, and we will help you as soon as possible.

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