How Can I Recover the Backup of Blue WhatsApp?

I know you are switching from official WhatsApp to your favorite WhatsApp mod. You are worried about how to back up the data and lock the method of recovering the Backup of Blue WhatsApp. Then you have reached the right place. We are providing a method for restoring the data. So, you follow the process that we discussed in this article.

Method To Recover the Backup of Blue WhatsApp 

It is a very simple method to get a data backup, such as chat, images, etc. No hard procedures are used to back up the data. It is a very simple step that you can follow. We describe 2 simple methods in this article. The first method you can use in case you are updating the blue WhatsApp Plus and you want to get back data from the old version to the new version of WhatsApp Plus. 

In the other case, you are reinstalling the official version of WhatsApp and want to get backup data from Blue WhatsApp Plus to official WhatsApp. Then, you can use the method 2.

Method 1: Backup Data WhatsApp Plus /Restoring to WhatsApp Plus

This method is used if you are trying to back up data from the old version to the new version of Blue WhatsApp Plus.

Step 1: Creating Data Backup in Blue WhatsApp

The first portion is always the same in Whatsapp or Blue Whatsapp APK if you create a data backup for Blue Whatsapp. Now follow the below steps to recover the backup of Blue WhatsApp. 

  1. Open the Blue Whatsapp on your phone.
  2.  Click on the menu bar and select the setting.
  3.  Now open the chat option.
  4.  Click on the chat backup button. 
  5.  To process the backup, click on the backup button.
  6.  After completing the 100% success message, you have completed the Backing up process.

Step 2: Recover the Backup of Blue WhatsApp

If you have not seen the backup, go to the internal storage file manager and find the Blue Whatsapp folder name. After all, copy this folder and use it in your newly installed app. If you want to uninstall your old version of Blue Whatsapp and back up your data, follow the steps below.

  1. After installing the new version, open the backup file that you recently copied. 
  2.  And run the Blue WhatsApp, which you installed a few minutes ago.
  3.  Click agree to the terms and conditions and enter your Whatsapp number for verification.
  4.  Now, you’ll receive the otp code for the verification number. 
  5.  After all the steps, you’ll see the backup restoring page.
  6.  Click on the restore button to restore the backup data.

After you complete all the steps, you will receive a message about the media file and messages. Now, you can edit your profile picture and name using Blue WhatsApp.

Why Should You Recover the Backup of Blue WhatsApp?

As you know, Blue Whatsapp is an unofficial app. It is continuously updated, so it is essential to back up your data, as you have important pictures and chats. If you are changing your phone and want your conversation data backup, you must have a copy to move your data to a new device.

Download Blue WhatsApp for your device

So, doing all the steps allows you to access your data backup whenever possible. This method can prevent your conversation and pictures, etc. Now, download this app and use it without any problem. If you have any other queries about recovering the backup of Blue WhatsApp, you can ask in the comment. 

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