How to Change The Font in Blue Whatsapp?

As we all know, the official WhatsApp has limited font style and color. This can make your chat entertaining, but blue WhatsApp has more font styles and colors to entertain and make your chat more beautiful with your partner.

In this article, we provide information about font style and color and how you can use this feature of blue WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp font style changing  

Here are some steps to change the font by using the apk app.

  1. Open the blue WhatsApp on your phone.
  2.  Open apk setting by clicking the “Plusmods” button.
  3.  After opening the apk setting, click on the button “Universal”.
  4.  Now click on the “Styles” button to change. 
  5.  Now, you can open the font style option to change the font style.

How to change font style in Blue WhatsApp

Whatsapp has four basic 4 font styles: italic bold, strikethrough, and monospace. In simple WhatsApp, you can use only these four font styles. 

Now, we tell you how to change the font.

  • Open your chat board where you want to change the font style.
  •  Write the text that you want to send your partner.
  •  Select the text you want to send your partner and click on the three dots.
  •  After that, you will see the four font styles in your WhatsApp.


 This will make the font more attractive than the normal font. It will be a sign of some special things.


 This will make your font in a special italic style and, in its sense, will differ from the normal font style.


 With this font style, a line will be in the front of the chat or sentence. This can be used to deny something. 


 Using a monospace will show more horizontal and vertical space within the word than in the normal font. 

Change the font style manually

Here, we tell you about the font style change and how to change it manually. 

Use the bold text on Blue WhatsApp

If you want to make your text bold, add the simple ( asterisk symbol) before and after it. For example: “This is Bold text.” Blue WhatsApp will automatically change your text to bold if you change this setting at once.

Use italic font style on Blue WhatsApp 

Add the _ (Underscore) symbol before and after if you want to change your font into italics. For example: _This is italic text_. Blue WhatsApp will automatically change your text into italics if you have done it simultaneously.

Use strikethrough font style on Blue WhatsApp

If you want to change your font into the strikethrough style, add the ~ symbol before and after. For example: ~This is strikethrough text~. This will add a horizontal line through the middle of the text to make your text into the strikethrough. If you have added this setting, Blue WhatsApp will automatically change your text to a strikethrough style. 

Use a monospace font style on Blue WhatsApp

 if someone wants to change the text into the monospace style, add “`This is the monospace text.”` Once you do this, Blue WhatsApp automatically changes the text to monospace. 

Generate a more stylish and updated font style on blue WhatsApp

Suppose someone wants to change the font style into a more updated and stylish one. Then, that person has two options for the font change: first, use the font generator tools or a third-party font generator app. Below, we have discussed both methods and their use.

Use a third-party font generator app

Many third-party apps use chat font styles. One of the most popular apps in this category is “Chat Styles,” which has over 5M+ downloads. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

  Here, we tell you about some features of this font-generating app.

  1. There are 1000s of updated and stylish font styles for both number and text chat.
  2.  You can also decorate the text with this.
  3.  You can generate various types of stylish fonts and send someone special manually.
  4.  More updated features are also available. If you have connected your WhatsApp, you can change the font style within your WhatsApp chat.

Use an online font generator tool

You have another option for changing your style, like a stylish font. Many tools are available online, but here we tell you about the blue WhatsApp font-changing tool. You can change your font style by connecting WhatsApp to the online tool. Enter your text using the tool and then choose the font style. After selecting this, you can copy the text from the tool and paste the text into your chat board. This method does not require any third-party app to download on your mobile phone.

How to change the font color on Blue WhatsApp

Suppose you have downloaded the Blue Whatsapp and want to change the font color. Then, you should take steps to change the chat’s color.

  1. Open WhatsApp and click on the 3 dots on the upper side of the screen.
  2.  Click the “plasmoids” and open the apk setting.
  3.  Open the universal setting.
  4.  Click on the color button.
  5.  Now, open the text color, and you can change the color to your choice.

How to change the font size on Blue WhatsApp

There is an option in WhatsApp for changing the size of the font. There are simple steps for change.

  1. Open the setting in blue WhatsApp.
  2.  After opening settings, click on the “chats” button.
  3.  Under Chat settings, click the Font Size option. By default, it is set as Medium. You can change it to Large or Small. That’s it.


Here, we discussed changing the font in the blue WhatsApp. And tell how our users can change the font in the blue WhatsApp. You can contact our developer by sending us a good backup or review.

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