There are 3 billion users of WhatsApp. They use WhatsApp for different purposes. Many people use WhatsApp for their daily routine work. Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk was launched recently, based on user demand. This apk version fulfils all the requirements for our use, which we collect by reviewing our users.

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing mods for apps. I will guide you about apk downloading the new version of Blue WhatsApp Plus apk. By installing this version of WhatsApp, we can use the iOS features on our Android phones. This App is modified by seeing the essential elements of WhatsApp Messenger.

Exploring the diverse modifications of WhatsApp APKs can significantly enhance the user experience, offering unique features tailored to different preferences. For instance, while BlueWhatsApp provides a sleek blue interface that many users appreciate, NSWhatsApp 2 Red offers an equally compelling alternative with its vibrant red theme and additional functionalities. By understanding and showcasing these variants, users can make informed decisions about the best modded WhatsApp APK that suits their needs.

You should use this app if you are interested in the mod version. For creating and editing stunning videos to share on Blue WhatsApp status, Capcut Mod APK is an excellent choice. If you want to explore WhatsApp Plus more, read below, where we cover everything you need to know about this modified version.

App NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
File Size83 MB
Require Android5.0 or Above
Last Update1 Day Ago

Download the Latest Version

Blue Whatsapp APK

Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk

The use of WhatsApp Messenger is widespread nowadays. Everyone who has an Android phone uses WhatsApp Messenger. Everyone wants to use the version of WhatsApp on the iOS base. Spotify mod Apk is also a modded version of Spotify. In Blue WhatsApp plus, we are giving you an iOS-based version of WhatsApp. Many people use different apps for messenger purposes, but Blue wuappas plus is best. It has extraordinary features and had the best functioning for some years. It helps us by using two WhatsApp Messenger accounts. It is a popular and latest version. You can communicate with your family and colleagues.

Privacy of customers

The privacy of a customer is essential for a developer. So, developers prepare a mod of the APP according to customers’ needs. If you would like to enhance your old and blurry photos, use the Remini mod Apk.

Secure private chat

This app gives its users a safe and secure private chat room. Join now safe WhatsApp group links. Only you can see your chat once the developers can see it. It provides the user with anti-ban protection, is safe from attack, and will not ban your account. If you’re true chatting lover and looking for apps that are providing the functionality of chatting with unlimited camera filters, you need to download Snapchat Mod Apk.

Freeze last seen

It is a privacy-based feature that allows a user to freeze his last seen. Some users are privacy lovers and can not allow anyone to be in their privacy so that they can freeze their last seen and their online status in front of their friends. If you are, then no one finds you online. Alight Motion Mod APK is also a modified app. Users use this app to edit videos.

Blue Whatsapp apk guide for users

Allow privacy

When you protect your story, you can decide who can see it and who cannot. In the case of a profile picture, you allow who can see your profile picture and who cannot. This app gives you a feature that will enable you to see who can call you and who cannot. If there is no safe number, that person cannot contact you. In the case of a group, you can allow someone to add you to a group. You can join some safe groups using the WhatsApp group link. If no safe number exists in your contact list, that person can not add you to the group. The FF Advance Server is a program launched by Garena, the developer of Free Fire, which allows players to test upcoming features. You can download it from the link.

Blue Whatsapp apk privacy guide

Essential Features of Blue WhatsApp Apk

The user’s intent in the mod APK app features because it has many benefits. Our developers prepare the latest features for business and internet users. Business download Apps have the newest features and themes for growing your business. All these features are added to the free download in the latest version. Make sure you register your sim using globesimregistration and then use Whatsapp. If you want to watch movies or web series, install the Loklok APK now.

Hide blue and double-tick

This feature is prepared based on your privacy. In this app, you can hide your blue tick from your friend sending you a message. You can see this message on the chat board, but your friend can not see the blue tick on his chat board. For more privacy, if you want your friend not to see the double tick on his phone, you can do it quickly because it hides your online status from your friend. Mod APK gives this feature their use free, of course. You can use the VN Mod APK to edit videos. This app is a modified version of the VN video editor.

 apk status guide

Hide typing and online status

You can hide your typing status from your friend by setting it in your app. It is made for suspense purposes. There is no typing status when you are typing, and suddenly, a message hits your friend’s chat board. It creates suspense in the mind of your friend. After hiding your online status, you feel free to do the online work you want. If you are interested in the Car Parking multiplayer mod Apk, download it in one click.

last seen guide

Word wide free calling 

We do not need extra packages on our sim for calls worldwide if we download WhatsApp Blue. It gives us a free calling system. It gives us both facilities, video calling and voice calling. It is a safe and 100% secure calling system.

Customize Accordingly

After installing this App, it gives us the blue colour and basic theme, but you don’t need to worry about this because blue WhatsApp gives you the authority to change the colour of the WhatsApp icon. After downloading the latest version, it gives us a different icon shape, which you can choose according to your choice. Our developers provide a bundle of themes, which is a customer requirement. You can download the latest themes. You can change the wallpaper of your WhatsApp messenger. It gives the facility to download the latest wallpaper. You can change the standard font style if you don’t like it. This modified version gives you the iPhone font style, wallpaper, and themes if someone is an iPhone lover.

themes apk guide

Save profile Image and status

If you see someone’s profile photo and then you like it, you can download the profile picture without telling the profile owner. If you see your friend’s status and want to save it, you don’t need to use any other status downloader app. This feature allows us to give the scene on WhatsApp status. There is no notification on your friend’s mobile when you save his profile photo and image.

Auto reply message

With this feature, you can save your auto-reply message. Our developers developed this feature based on the demands of the customers. Many users demand this feature for their business. And it helps daily life routines work for people. If someone messages you, this feature saves your time and replies to the people who want to be content with you. You often need more time for a reply, but if the response is necessary for your business, this feature helps.

Send message without internet

This feature prepares for emergency times. If there is no internet connection, you can send the message to your friend and save it on the WhatsApp server. If your phone is connected to the internet, your friend will receive this message automatically. Telegram mod apk is also an app that you can use with all modified features.

Convert Blue WhatsApp to iPhone-style

The feature is prepared for iPhone lovers. With this feature, you can change your old and boring WhatsApp into iPhone WhatsApp. The App is modified. You can change your WhatsApp icon, style, themes, and wallpaper to resemble the iPhone WhatsApp. Its many limited features have many funny movements for the customers. It safeguards the privacy of the customers. It is 100% safe for the user. 

 This mod apk version has sky colour entertainment due to its blue colour. Please click the button below to download and install the most recent version. Next time, our developer will make a more entertaining and precious version of blue WhatsApp. Now, enjoy this version.  

Backup and restore

This App stores your data for backup purposes, which you can restore quickly. If your mobile accidentally breaks or you lose your mobile, you need your data, then create a backup in a new device that can get all your data. If you want to switch to a new gadget, you can also make a backup and restore all your data. This feature saves your data for a long time.

Blue Whatsapp apk backup and restore guide

The latest feature of Blue WhatsApp Plus

  • Free download from any search engine.
  • Hide you online, reading, typing, and seeing status.
  • The blue ticks and double ticks can be turned off.
  • Your favorite stories can be saved.
  • It is possible to change the wallpaper, theme, and icon.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • The backup facility is available to you.
  • There is a way to hide media files from file managers and galleries.
  • Media sharing capacity up to 700 MB.
  • Support the DND Mode.
  • Security lock for your privacy purpose.
  • There is no ad while using the App.
  • It is 100% secure and safe.
  • It can support multiple languages.
  • You share at least 100 images.
  • You can increase forward at least 250.
  • Its status charter is 300 words.
  • No virus can harm your device.
  • It was made on the version of iOS WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp’s look and themes can be changed like iOS
  • Without saving a phone number, you can call that person.

Download and installation process of Blue Whatsapp Apk

  1. For the latest version of WhatsApp Blue apk download, click on the download button.
  2. Go to the phone file and click the install button after completing the download.
  3. Go into your phone setting and enable some unknown sources.
  4. Waiting till the installation completes.
  5. Put the required information.
  6. Start using WhatsApp and enjoy yourself.

How to Blue WhatsApp Plus update?

If you are a regular user of this App, then it gives a notification of an update on your home screen of WhatsApp.

  • Click the update button which is given on your WhatsApp screen.
  • When you click the update button, open a page on your search engine.
  • There will be the latest version of Mod Apk WhatsApp.
  • Click on the download button to download the latest version.
  • Install the App after it has been downloaded.
  • Allow an unknown server.
  • Enjoy the newest version.


Here, I will answer your most important and most asked questions. If you have a question, you can ask in the comments below.

The latest mod apk features are included in this WhatsApp version. It has more features than WhatsApp Messenger. It has also changed factors from the official app.

You can easily download it by clicking the button at the top of the page.

It is an app prepared based on WhatsApp Messenger, so using WhatsApp is safe. It saves your data and also gives a backup. It is secure from the ban and safe from hackers.

Blue WhatsApp Plus developers give an update notification when installing WhatsApp. You can update WhatsApp by clicking on the update button.

This App is anti-ban. It has the newest features of mod Apk. This App offers more privacy than the official App. It has many new features.


Blue WhatsApp Apk is updated regularly. Download and install it. It is a fully modified version of this app that fulfils all the customers’ requirements. Its many modified features have many funny movements for the customers. It safeguards the privacy of the customers. It is 100% safe for the user. This mod apk version has sky color entertainment due to its blue color. Click here to download and install the latest version. This version is now available for you to enjoy.