Is Blue Whatsapp Safe Or Not? Here, We Tell You Everything That You Need to Know.

The question we receive from our consumers is rarely whether apk Blue Whatsapp is safe or not. So, the answer to that question is very important for us and our consumers. To answer our consumer is our responsibility. Some questions are about how we can use the safe version of the mod APK WhatsApp, so we decided to answer that question.

Is Blue Whatsapp Safe Or Not

WhatsApp has a standard feature for its users in every version. But here is a problem due to the digital scam of the user. So, our designer is designing an altered version of WhatsApp that is safe and secure. It has many modified features that save consumer data. Many extra features are developed in this modified version.

Is Using Blue Whatsapp Safe?

WhatsApp is very common nowadays because it is a part of life in a global village. Everyone uses WhatsApp for their purpose and according to their needs. But someone wants extra entertainment on their WhatsApp. According to the demand of consumer developers, they developed the modified version of WhatsApp, known as the modified apk WhatsApp.

The Blue WhatsApp APK is a third-party modified version of WhatsApp. That is not an official WhatsApp, but it is prepared according to the basis of official WhatsApp. A third party develops this WhatsApp, so it is unsafe to use, but if the modified WhatsApp is installed from the best server, it is safe for the users. It is not on the Play Store, so you must choose the best apk server from the search engine. Here, we discuss the features that make the blue whatsapp safe.

Features Of Latest Mod Apk Version

Preview Image

From the safe features of WhatsApp, one of the best features is a preview of the image. If you use the official WhatsApp and have downloaded an image from the chat board, it will automatically be saved in your gallery. Here in blue WhatsApp, you can preview the image before sending it to your gallery if you want to save it in your mood.

Adding In Group

A safe and more secure feature after installation is the addition of groups. If you allow someone, that person can add you to the group. Sometimes hackers send virus data in groups, and users open that data, and then your mobile is hacked by hackers. 

Repost And Secure Status

By using WhatsApp, you can see only the status on WhatsApp and can’t repost. This mod apk version gives you permission to repost and download the status. Your colleague can see your status with your consent.

Safe Privacy

Everyone loves their privacy, which the official app can’t give. For example, you can permit who can call you and who can’t. You can hide the grey tick, the blue tick, and the online status. Freeze, the last seen, is a more secure and safe feature in WhatsApp Blue.

Download Latest Apk Version Blue Whatsapp

App NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
Size73 MB
Total Downloads10,00,000+
Requires Android4.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago


Most questions are asked about the use of WhatsApp and customers’ privacy. Our developer decided to answer those questions that are necessary for our users. The privacy of our users is our priority.

Is the use of this mod apk version safe?

Sometimes people install the apk version from the website of scammers or hackers who hack the data of the users; first of all, users select an experienced server like us because we develop a safe version for our users. You are safe after choosing the developer and using all mod versions of this developer’s WhatsApp.

Why did my WhatsApp crash many times?

There are some reasons for crashing WhatsApp. 

  1. You have downloaded a corrupted version of WhatsApp.
  2.  If you have installed the version from a fake server, it can crash your phone and your data.
  3.  You are using the outdated version of apk.
  4.  The operating system of your smartphone is below Android 5.0.

How can I get previous data from the official app to apk app?

If you want to save data from your official WhatsApp to a blue WhatsApp, All data is safe in your new install app by creating a backup. You need to follow some of the steps below.

  1. Before installing the modified version, you should see settings in the official app and go to the settings. 
  2.  Open the chats session, then open the chat backup section (setting>chats>chat backup).
  3.  After opening the backup section, click the backup button past your Google account. Now, your data is safe for backup.
  4.  Now install the apk version and open it.
  5.  Verify your number, and now click the backup button to recover your data.
  6.  After that, searching for the data from a Google account takes some time.
  7.  After some time, your data will be delivered to your new app.

Now, you can enjoy using your previous data in the official app.

Why does the size of Blue Whatsapp increase with every update?

This app worked based on an official app, but the official WhatsApp has no more features, themes, or cloud backup services, so the size increased over time.


This article discusses the safe or unsafe use of blue WhatsApp. Sometimes, in the case of enjoyment and thrill, we can’t focus on safety. We have told you about the safe use of WhatsApp and how to select a safe developer and server. The safety of the user is the server’s priority.

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